Welcome to Yale University Accreditation

Educational accreditation is the quality assurance process by which educational institutions and programs are evaluated by outside accrediting associations. These agencies develop evaluation criteria and conduct evaluations by groups of peers to see whether a school meets their criteria.

The United States has six regional accreditation associations plus many other national accreditors for faith–based and career–oriented schools and for other specialized and professional programs. In contrast to other countries where quality assurance often is conducted by large governmental ministries, here this process is independent and peer–based except that accreditation by a government–approved agency is required to obtain federal financial aid.

NEASC – Yale’s Regional Accreditation Association

Every ten years Yale undertakes a comprehensive and wide–ranging self–study as part of our reaccreditation by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) Commission on Institutions of Higher Education (CIHE). This process culminates in evaluation by a visiting team of faculty and administrators from peer institutions. After their visit, the visiting team chair prepares a report for the University and the NEASC CIHE, and the Commission meets with the Yale president and a representative of the team to discuss the report and Yale’s response to it. The decennial process concludes with a letter of reaccreditation from the CIHE. The most recent self–study and related information can be found on the 2009 Yale NEASC Reaccreditation site. The purpose of this process is to assure quality and to foster improvement. See FAQs for more details about the process. In between decennial reviews, Yale submits a fifth-year interim report; information about Yale’s 2014 mid-cycle report can be found here. The next comprehensive review will be in 2019.

Information on how to comment on, or register complaints about, Yale University’s compliance with the NEASC accreditation criteria, may be found at the CIHE NEASC website.

Specialized Accreditations at Yale

In addition to the university–wide regional accreditation, individual Yale schools and programs are accredited by over 25 nationally recognized, specialized accrediting agencies.